Atlético de Madrid SuperCampeón de Europa

Todos los derbis europeos entre Madrid y Atlético son dramas largos, agónicos, extenuantes, estirados hasta la prórroga o más allá, un test de estrés para los futbolistas. Y todos los había ganado el… Sigue leyendo

India After Gandhi by Ramachandra Guha (PDF download)

You can download the PDF book here: India After Gandhi by Ramachandra Guha  

Alibaba Group Founder Jack Ma to Donate US$10 Million to Establish Africa Entrepreneur Prize

Jack Ma Foundation will recognize 100 African entrepreneurs over the next 10 years focused on grassroots innovation, economic empowerment of women and small businesses. Today, Alibaba Group founder and Executive Chairman Jack Ma… Sigue leyendo

The Ten Best Ice-Cream Shops in Miami

As temperatures soar, Miamians can’t help but crave a scoop of ice cream. And though some people consider this cold, creamy blend a special treat, locals deem it a necessity. From Serendipity in… Sigue leyendo

Tourism in Bali, Indonesia

Bali is an island and province of Indonesia with the biggest Hindu population. The province includes the island of Bali and a few smaller neighbouring islands, notably Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa… Sigue leyendo

As cidades que fundem Portugal e Espanha

Criação da Eurocidade Valença-Tui só veio tornar efetivo o viver das gentes das cidades portuguesa e espanhola, cada uma situada de um lado do rio Minho. De Valença, todos os dias há quem… Sigue leyendo

Small Businesses Find Micro-Influencers A Good Marketing Avenue

To help market their mason jar rack, the team behind Mason Jar Storage reached out to micro-influencers – social media personalities with relatively small but loyal and engaged niche audiences. The move to… Sigue leyendo

Barclay Prime Restaurant a boutique steakhouse in Philadelphia (PA, USA)

A boutique steakhouse for the 21st century: (En español al final) Barclay Prime provides a sleek and sexy space for world-class cuisine. Taking cues from a European library, with comfortable banquettes, marble surfaces… Sigue leyendo

Hotel El Casco (Bariloche, Argentina)

Nuestra original propuesta 5 estrellas boutique cuenta con 33 habitaciones, se encuentra sobre la costa del lago Nahuel Huapi y es el primer hotel dedicado al Arte. Posee más de 400 obras maestras… Sigue leyendo

Viaje a Ciudad del Cabo por la ruta del jardín, un destino imperdible

Viaje a Sudafrica recorriendo los estados de Eastern Cape y Western Cape El sur de Sudafrica es probablemente la región más linda del País, con paisajes montañosos, mar y flores de diferentes colores.… Sigue leyendo

Turkey, South Korea economic ties reap benefits of close diplomatic rapport

The friendship between Turkey and South Korea, which began with the Korean War, has also been reflected in the economic ties between the two countries. Total investments by Korean firms in Turkey in… Sigue leyendo

BRICS Plus highlighted as key to cooperation

Xi calls on developing countries to help safeguard multilateral trading system President Xi Jinping highlighted on Friday the importance of enhancing cooperation between BRICS members and other emerging markets as well as developing… Sigue leyendo

Cryptos regulations: ‘Trojan horse’ islands suggested to harmonize crypto rules

Expert says legislation in Malta, Bermuda and Mauritius could be put in place and the islands then used as gateways to the larger markets. The sudden rise of crypto-currencies from geeky obscurity to… Sigue leyendo

The one dessert you have to try in each of Italy’s regions

Aosta Valley | Tegole Italy’s smallest region still packs a punch when it comes to dining, with cuisine influenced by its French and Swiss neighbours. ‘Tegole’ biscuits are named after roof tiles due… Sigue leyendo

Nelson Mandela Bay’s unique and beautiful tribute to Madiba

Nelson Mandela Bay has a number of sites honouring the Eastern Cape’s most famous son, but one, in particular, made me feel that the city has done Madiba’s name and legacy proud. A… Sigue leyendo

Francia campeón del Mundo 2018 !

El conjunto dirigido por Didier Deschamps venció por 4-2 a Croacia en una vibrante final. Mario Mandzukic (en contra), Antoine Griezmann (de penal tras la intervención del VAR), Paul Pogba y Kylian Mbappé… Sigue leyendo

The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka (PDF download)

Download the pdf book here: kafka_metamorphosis  

Bélgica obtuvo el tercer puesto en el Mundial de fútbol Rusia 2018

Bélgica venció a Inglaterra y consiguió un histórico tercer puesto en la Copa del Mundo Los belgas se impusieron 2-0 por los tantos de Meunier y Hazard en San Petersburgo. De esta manera,… Sigue leyendo

Canada added 32,000 jobs in June

Canada added 32,000 jobs in June but more seekers pushed up jobless rate to 6% All the job gains came in Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Canada’s economy added 32,000 jobs last month, but… Sigue leyendo

Tourism in Aspen Colorado (United States)

Aspen Nestled in the heart of the White River National Forest and surrounded by the peaks of the Elk Mountains, Aspen is well known as a ski destination, but the town’s history and… Sigue leyendo