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Where The Jobs Will Be In 2019

If you’re hoping to ring in the new year with a new job, the outlook has never been so bright—or at least it hasn’t been in the past decade. Not only do economists… Sigue leyendo

Aston Martin Opens A Luxury Lifestyle Center in Shanghai

Aston Martin Lagonda has opened its first lifestyle boutique and experience center in Shanghai. The luxury British carmaker has big ambitions for China and the new space is designed to further promote the brand… Sigue leyendo

Cashier-Less Sam’s Club Store Paves The Way For The Future Of Shopping

The future of retail is about making customers’ lives easier and better. The modern customer experience is fast and seamless. And there’s a retail race on to get there first. Forget check-out lines.… Sigue leyendo

The 25 Highest-Paying Jobs In United States In 2018, one of the leading job and recruiting websites in the world, recently published a report on the highest-paying jobs of 2018. The research analyzed 2018 salary reports submitted by employees, median annual… Sigue leyendo

Alibaba Group Founder Jack Ma to Donate US$10 Million to Establish Africa Entrepreneur Prize

Jack Ma Foundation will recognize 100 African entrepreneurs over the next 10 years focused on grassroots innovation, economic empowerment of women and small businesses. Today, Alibaba Group founder and Executive Chairman Jack Ma… Sigue leyendo

Cryptos regulations: ‘Trojan horse’ islands suggested to harmonize crypto rules

Expert says legislation in Malta, Bermuda and Mauritius could be put in place and the islands then used as gateways to the larger markets. The sudden rise of crypto-currencies from geeky obscurity to… Sigue leyendo

Syrian refugees make significant contributions to Turkish economy

Significant number of 3.5 million Syrian refugees in Turkey have contributed to the country’s economy either as investors or laborers since their arrival, boosting the Turkish economy Aiming to break down the prejudice… Sigue leyendo

Making global brands in India

The government has spent a lot of effort on the ‘Make in India’ mission to give a boost to manufacturing within the country and, as a result, creating new jobs. While the success… Sigue leyendo

Angola passes new law scrapping need for local investment partner

Angola passes new law scrapping need for local investment partner: (Em português mais abaixo) Angola’s parliament approved unanimously on Thursday a new law to facilitate private investment into sub-Saharan Africa’s third largest economy,… Sigue leyendo

Turkey to construct key Belgrade-Sarajevo motorway

Turkey to construct key Belgrade-Sarajevo motorway: (En español más abajo) The Belgrade-Sarajevo Highway, planned to be built with the joint initiatives of Turkey, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia with an estimated cost of 3 billion… Sigue leyendo

Thailand implements crypto law

Thailand implements crypto law: (En español al final del texto) A new law to regulate digital asset transactions brings the threat of jail to traders who do not register with the Securities Exchange… Sigue leyendo

These 15 French companies are looking for 50,000 new full-time employees

Looking for a job in France? Here’s a few thousand to choose from. After years of being considered the “sick man of Europe”, the French economy showed its strongest growth in years in… Sigue leyendo

Food output on ascendancy in Tanzania

Food output on ascendancy in Tanzania: (En español al final del texto) THE state of production of food crops in the country has improved, reaching 15.9 million tonnes in the 2016/17-2017/2018 seasons, enabling… Sigue leyendo

Consejos para ser más productivos, según los expertos

Aprende algunos hábitos positivos para incrementar tu productividad Dicen expertos que el éxito en la vida tiene mucho que ver con el desarrollo de los hábitos beneficiosos y el abandono de los hábitos… Sigue leyendo

Portugal, uma história de sucesso

A economia portuguesa está hoje a crescer acima da média da União Europeia e da zona euro, apoiada por um forte crescimento do investimento e das exportações. O desemprego está em níveis antes… Sigue leyendo

El Foro de Davos se reúne en São Paulo

Comienza la cumbre del Foro de Davos en la ciudad de São Paulo, Brasil. El proteccionismo de Trump y la incertidumbre electoral en América Latina marcarán el encuentro de dirigentes políticos y económicos. … Sigue leyendo

Which European country offers the best work-life balance?

Which European country offers the best work-life balance? (En español al final del texto) Here are you more likely to work 50-hour weeks, and in which countries will you have more time to… Sigue leyendo

A canal in Thailand?

Ex-top brass appeal to new King Vajiralongkorn to bless building the long-envisioned Kra canal; China is keen to start digging. General Saiyud Kerdphol, the military engineer of Thailand’s winning Cold War-era anticommunism campaign,… Sigue leyendo

Las mejores SUV en relación al consumo

Si estás pensando en adquirir una camioneta con base en el consumo de combustible, este ranking de autos es para ti, ya que está elaborado de acuerdo a pruebas y análisis de desempeño… Sigue leyendo

India se convertirá en la quinta economía del mundo en 2018, superando al Reino Unido y Francia

Así lo asegura un informe del Centre for Economics and Business Research. De acuerdo con el mismo pronóstico, para el 2032 el país asiático se ubicará en el tercer lugar. India superará a… Sigue leyendo