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Turkey and Qatar: Behind the strategic alliance

Qatar’s investment in Turkey exceeds $20bn, the second highest by any country. Qatar and Turkey are bound by strategic relations at the political, economic and military levels. In 2015, Qatar and Turkey established… Sigue leyendo

Turkey, South Korea economic ties reap benefits of close diplomatic rapport

The friendship between Turkey and South Korea, which began with the Korean War, has also been reflected in the economic ties between the two countries. Total investments by Korean firms in Turkey in… Sigue leyendo

BRICS Plus highlighted as key to cooperation

Xi calls on developing countries to help safeguard multilateral trading system President Xi Jinping highlighted on Friday the importance of enhancing cooperation between BRICS members and other emerging markets as well as developing… Sigue leyendo

Cryptos regulations: ‘Trojan horse’ islands suggested to harmonize crypto rules

Expert says legislation in Malta, Bermuda and Mauritius could be put in place and the islands then used as gateways to the larger markets. The sudden rise of crypto-currencies from geeky obscurity to… Sigue leyendo

Indonesia: Government prepares incentives for export-oriented and tourism industries

Government prepares incentives for export-oriented and tourism industries: (En español al final del texto) The government is preparing incentives for export-oriented and tourism industries to support the flow of foreign exchange into the… Sigue leyendo

Economic factors hold key to Modi’s chances in 2019

Economic factors hold key to Modi’s chances in 2019 (En español al finalizar el texto) Jobs, oil prices and rural economy will play a crucial role in determining Narendra Modi’s fate in the… Sigue leyendo

Turkey’s Mardin eyes 1M visitors this year, drawing many from Europe, Far East

The southeastern province of Mardin, home to a number of ancient civilizations, is enjoying a recovery of its economy, social life and tourism after the terror incidents of 2015 and 2016 that were… Sigue leyendo

Syrian refugees make significant contributions to Turkish economy

Significant number of 3.5 million Syrian refugees in Turkey have contributed to the country’s economy either as investors or laborers since their arrival, boosting the Turkish economy Aiming to break down the prejudice… Sigue leyendo

Making global brands in India

The government has spent a lot of effort on the ‘Make in India’ mission to give a boost to manufacturing within the country and, as a result, creating new jobs. While the success… Sigue leyendo

Thailand implements crypto law

Thailand implements crypto law: (En español al final del texto) A new law to regulate digital asset transactions brings the threat of jail to traders who do not register with the Securities Exchange… Sigue leyendo

Duterte’s defiance imperils European trade

Duterte’s defiance imperils European trade: (En español al finalizar el texto) European Parliament threatens to lift Philippines’ preferential trade status over rights abuses, a move that could tilt an already wobbly economy into… Sigue leyendo

Koreas make nuclear pledge after historic Summit

Koreas make nuclear pledge after historic Summit: (En español más abajo) The leaders of North and South Korea have agreed to work to rid the peninsula of nuclear weapons, after holding a historic… Sigue leyendo

Kim’s initiative: The breakthrough the world has been waiting for?

North Korea has offered every precondition Seoul and Washington set for talks. But while the spectrum of opportunity has dramatically expanded, so, too, have the risks. The Korean Peninsula is arguably the world’s… Sigue leyendo

Winter Olympics kicks off with historic handshake

Winter Olympics kicks off with historic handshake The Winter Olympics started with a colourful ceremony, though the diplomacy was tougher to predict. The Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, are off to an… Sigue leyendo

A canal in Thailand?

Ex-top brass appeal to new King Vajiralongkorn to bless building the long-envisioned Kra canal; China is keen to start digging. General Saiyud Kerdphol, the military engineer of Thailand’s winning Cold War-era anticommunism campaign,… Sigue leyendo

China eyes Philippines’ strategic eastern shores

China eyes Philippines’ strategic eastern shores (En español al finalizar) Manila’s allowance for a Chinese state-funded think tank to conduct ‘scientific’ research at Benham Rise has raised concerns of ulterior motives fter consolidating… Sigue leyendo

India se convertirá en la quinta economía del mundo en 2018, superando al Reino Unido y Francia

Así lo asegura un informe del Centre for Economics and Business Research. De acuerdo con el mismo pronóstico, para el 2032 el país asiático se ubicará en el tercer lugar. India superará a… Sigue leyendo

India Today Conclave East 2017: India’s biggest ideas platform now in Kolkata

India Today Conclave East 2017: India’s biggest ideas platform now in Kolkata (En español al finalizar el texto) The East edition of India Today Conclave kicks off on Friday. The conclave promises to… Sigue leyendo

Azerbaijan, Turkey and Georgia launch their new Silk Road Rail line linking Europe to China.

Azerbaijan, Turkey and Georgia launch their new Silk Road Rail line linking Europe to China: (En español al finalizar el texto). A new rail link connecting Europe to China has gone into service… Sigue leyendo

Thailand improvement to do business

Easier to do business under Thai military rule (En español al final del texto) The World Bank’s new ‘Doing Business’ report shows Thailand climbed 20 places, one of the highest year on year… Sigue leyendo

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