New Zealand All Blacks vs Argentina “Los Pumas” great match by the championship

fotos-Nueva-Zelanda-Pumas-Hamilton_OLEIMA20130907_0070_8Second test match at the Rugby Championship, Fernandez Lobbe knows that “The Pumas” had a great chance to win, but could not keep up. ” We deliver easy points against the best in the world and the pressure is constant,” Argentina captain analyzed .

The Rugby Championship it`s a tournament with the better rugbyers of the world, they are New Zealand “All Blacks”, Australia “Wallabies”, South Africa “Springboks”, and in a low level the Argentinian National team “Los Pumas”. Argentina it´s the best time of Rugby the Americas and one of the top 8 of the world.

“Too bad , we played well , we missed . They got us pressure the whole game . ” The phrase belongs to Juan Martin Fernandez Lobbe and several are formed behind the Argentine captain thought . The Pumas beat him first to New Zealand, but those of black reacted and turned , in part so they impose , and on the other side for selection errors . “We must continue to improve. When we do the analysis , we will see that we deliver easy points , playing against the best and the pressure is constant . The scrum very well , the line is not much, “.

The third line returned to the team after missing the first two dates , had a good game , especially in the game that does not shine, the fight in formations and put the shoulder to each black shirt was running around . ” I think they know what is expected when they play against us . Always good to start with a try . A pity those minutes early stage we deliver two tries and they did in the second , completely unavoidable , “said Lobbe , as to the conquest of Leguizamón that opened the game as they could not hold the lead in the result. “It was a very good scrum , a good platform to attack, but we charge a penalty back , these things can be avoided ,” he added .

“We must keep a cool head and do things best. A further improvement. Saturday is going to be hard back , “said Cork hot , wet grass still within the Waikato Stadium, and referring to the fourth game of the round against the Wallabies in Perth. “